Wholesale, Retail business

We mainly cater to our customers’ needs in export, import and sales operations for miscellaneous goods and toys, as well as cooperate with various shops in different countries.
Among such things, we are proud to have advantages in searching out and buying of miscellaneous goods and toys which have the retro feel.
Also, we have close relationships with production factories having high technical capabilities and can arrange manufacturing in small lots according to our customers' needs of products such as accessory cases and hats.

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Import export support

When developing new business operations, such as purchasing goods from overseas or producing samples, things may not proceed smoothly due to differences in customs and languages.
Our company consists of bilingual staff and supports businesses directly by becoming our clients‘ overseas representatives.
Particularly in Japan and Korea, we act quickly using one-stop solutions in regards to visits to sites, credit surveys, investigation of prices and suppliers of local products.


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